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**UPDATE** The news outlets are reporting that Eric Cantor lost his primary today. Unfortunately, Dave Brat may be worse than Cantor was, because he’s a Tea Party candidate, but he won’t have the clout that Cantor had. Most of us are familiar with Eric Cantor, because he’s one of the more prominent members of the […]

Iowa Representative Steve King is another one of those that’s capable of making the most stupid comments. His derogatory words about immigrants have made national headlines, and he’s one of the most anti-immigrant people in Congress. But more than that, his voting record indicates an anti-middle class and anti-worker position, which seems to be quite […]

Congressman Tim Huelskamp, of Kansas’ first district, has a long record of opposition towards, well, anything with common sense. He’s anti-environment, anti-common man, anti-LGBT, and anti-choice, among other things. His stance and voting record indicate that he’s so far to the right on a lot of issues that it’s presents a problem. Perhaps, however, his […]

Congressman Paul Broun, of Georgia’s 10th district, isn’t running for re-election this year per se. He’s running for the Senate seat currently held by Saxby Chambliss, who is retiring. Broun is a Republican and member of the Tea Party Caucus, and, perhaps most disturbing, he’s vowed to only vote for Senate bills that follow biblical […]

Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) has several strikes against him, not the least of which is that he favors laws that follow biblical law. Being religious is not, in and of itself, a problem. It’s when those of certain faiths let that faith interfere with lawmaking, to the point where the policies they favor are bad […]