Steve King, and Why he should Go in November


Congressman Steve King of Iowa. Public domain image.

Iowa Representative Steve King is another one of those that’s capable of making the most stupid comments. His derogatory words about immigrants have made national headlines, and he’s one of the most anti-immigrant people in Congress. But more than that, his voting record indicates an anti-middle class and anti-worker position, which seems to be quite typical of the right.

While immigration itself is not one of the make-or-break issues at the moment, it is still important. But what’s more important is that many of Steve King’s comments show a severe lack of understanding about immigration, whether legal or otherwise. It also shows a deeper tendency towards racism, particularly against Latinos. He can’t be trusted to be objective and logical when it comes to discussing immigration, or other issues where racism is involved, with an attitude like that.

Of course, lack of understanding about the ins and outs of a particular issue is nothing new in Washington. That’s a big part of the problem with economic issues, also; most of them can’t pass Economics 101 at most universities, and most of them don’t care to learn. They have an agenda to push, and knowing something about economics, immigration, violence, or whatever, might (gasp) contradict that agenda. So let’s look at some of Steve King’s positions on other issues, too.

He’s one of the people who wants to allow companies to pay in comp time instead of overtime. With our wages getting pulled down by the likes of Walmart and the fast food industry, many people depend on overtime pay to make ends meet. Giving them comp time in lieu of overtime pay doesn’t do anything for motivation or morale, and is only a means to improve the bottom line of employers who want to exploit their workers instead of use their workers as the assets they are.

He also voted no on restricting employer influence on unions. One of the things countries with no minimum wage laws have is strong collective bargaining, however, Steve King neither supports unions, nor raising the minimum wage. He doesn’t support protecting the average worker.

As far as job creation goes, he’s a believer in trickle-down economics, which doesn’t work, and has never worked. Steve King and his ilk have to learn that, in order to stimulate job growth, they have to stimulate demand. Being anti-middle class and anti-worker will never stimulate demand, because it’ll prevent the people most likely to spend their money from actually spending it.

He thinks marriage equality is a path to socialism. You’ve got to just love the Republicans that throw that word around to try and scare the people. Socialism emphasizes collective ownership of a country’s means of production. It also emphasizes equality, yes, but in terms of making the person who produces the least equal to the person who produces the most. Steve King, however, thinks marriage equality is a socialist agenda to undermine “the foundations of individual rights and liberties.” There’s nothing about marriage equality that is socialist.

The Tea Party is a major problem, and Steve King represents those problems, but not the people. Iowa’s primaries are on June 3, but King is running for the GOP nomination unopposed. When November comes, get rid of him, Iowa.


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