Paul Broun is a Theocrat who Should Not be Elected to the Senate


Paul_Broun_Congressional_PortraitCongressman Paul Broun, of Georgia’s 10th district, isn’t running for re-election this year per se. He’s running for the Senate seat currently held by Saxby Chambliss, who is retiring. Broun is a Republican and member of the Tea Party Caucus, and, perhaps most disturbing, he’s vowed to only vote for Senate bills that follow biblical law.

Why is that disturbing? Because he actually believes that separation of church and state is a mistaken idea, which is at strong odds with the First Amendment. This man is a true theocrat, and that’s dangerous for the ideals of freedom we hold so dear. In a speech on the House floor last year, he said the founding fathers were “Bible-believing Christians,” who thought that, “every aspect of life should follow the dictates of God’s inerrant word. That’s what I believe in. That’s what we should all believe in.”

If you go through history, the Puritans set about to establish a nation free of religious persecution, though they did try to establish their colonial governments as Christian. But the Puritans weren’t our Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers, the ones who drafted the U.S. Constitution, drafted it as a secular document. In fact, it doesn’t even make one mention of the word “creator” as the Declaration of Independence does. The only reason the Declaration uses the word “creator” is because evolution wasn’t around yet; there was no other way to explain man’s existence at the time.

He also wants to designate the first weekend in May as “Ten Commandments Weekend.” In fact, he actually co-sponsored a bill in the House for that purpose, which is a very, very blatant violation of the First Amendment. Establishing that is tantamount to establishing a religion here.

Yet Paul Broun accuses members of Congress and President Obama of not following our Constitution. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Paul Broun said:

“I think my role is to uphold support and defend our Constitution. […] The Constitution I uphold and defend is the one I carry in my pocket all the time, the U.S. Constitution. I don’t know what Constitution that other members of Congress uphold, but it’s not this one. I think the only Constitution that Barack Obama upholds is the Soviet constitution, not this one. He has no concept of this one, though he claimed to be a constitutional lawyer.”

So this man follows the Constitution, except for one of the most fundamental parts of it. Or, put another way, this man believes his role is to uphold, support, and defend the Constitution, except the parts he doesn’t personally agree with.

He also believes that evolution, embryology and the Big Bang Theory are “lies straight from the pit of hell.” This man is a member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, a place nobody with his belief system should be.

Basically, Paul Broun is one of our most dangerous theocrats, and would be a liability to the U.S. as a senator, the same way that people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul are. Georgia, do not elect this man to the Senate. There’s no room in Congress for theocrats like Paul Broun.

**UPDATE** May 20, 8:10 p.m. CDT: Paul Broun trails Jack Kingston, David Perdue and Karen Handel. With 17% of the precincts reporting, he’s in a dismal fourth place with just 11.4% of the vote.

**2ND UPDATE* May 20, 11:20 p.m. CDT: Paul Broun has fallen to fifth place in his primary, carrying less than 10% of the vote. There are 95% of Georgia’s precincts reporting now.


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