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This girl was well known to one of my colleagues. Tonight, for me, this isn’t just another anonymous victim of an accident. It’s proof that our irresponsibility with guns affects us all. Advertisements

Originally posted on Young Progressive Voices:
House Republicans are still in denial it seems as they vote for the 37th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Thursday the 16th.¬†Adding to the insult of wasting congressional time, its been calculated that Republicans have also wasted $48 million of taxpayer’s money trying to repeal Obamacare.¬†They…

It’s the last day. I just plain don’t feel well now. I’m unusually tired, I’m perpetually nauseated, I have a seemingly permanent stomachache, and doing some of the more simple tasks around here takes a load of energy I didn’t realize it took before. You become sort of used to the hunger, it becomes a […]

    I found that merely going up and down the stairs today was more difficult than I’m used to. The hunger itself…has changed from the usual pangs and growlings to absolutely horrible cravings. I’ve had people advising me to go to the store and get lentils for additional protein and nutrients on the cheap, […]

Today, I just feel tired all the time, and so hungry I could eat just about anything, and a lot of it. Right now, I just want to lie down and sleep forever. I’m finding that I’m crankier than usual also, like I haven’t been sleeping well. Maybe I haven’t been. According to the U.K. […]