Live Below the Line: Day 2

Stop Hunger Now

Stop Hunger Now (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I seem to have a persistent headache today, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s because I’m hungry or if it’s something else. I’ve been hungry like this before, but I was always able to get something filling that would stop the hunger pangs. Today, while my meals are quieting them down, they aren’t stopping the pangs anymore. And this is only Day 2.

One has to wonder what it’s like to actually live like this, day after day, with no end in sight. It’s a reality for millions of people out there. I was out today, and I saw a display of candy bars. Ohhhhh how I was tempted to get one and snarf it down, and then pretend like I hadn’t. Just to make the hunger pangs stop. Is this real hunger? You’ll eat anything if it just makes the hunger go away, even for a little while? I didn’t get the candy bars because this is something I don’t want to even so much as fudge a little. It’s that important to me to understand.

I think we, in many countries in the developed world, have politicians who could stand to go through this. And many other people as well. To know what it’s like to be truly hungry and to know that you can’t get anything to stop the hunger; that all you can do is quiet it down for a little while (knowledge of challenge aside). The sad thing is, at least here in the U.S., I don’t trust the pols who need to understand this the most to actually do it the right way, if they even chose to do it. I don’t trust them to cut out their little luxuries like coffee, or sweets, or snack foods, or whatever. They don’t care enough about the people they represent to actually represent them, why would they care enough about something like this to actually see it through? They have “bigger problems to worry about.”

And, I think, some may tell me the same thing at some point here soon. I’ve been asked on some of my articles elsewhere why I don’t write about the “real issues.” Well, it depends on what the “real issues” are. When it comes to poverty and hunger, to me, that’s a real issue. It’s a worldwide problem, but it’s also a problem that affects our entire economy just here in the U.S., whether others believe that or not. It’s not a moral issue, it’s not merely a social issue, it’s an economic issue. Poverty pulls wages down, which hurts everyone who works. Not to mention all the other effects it has. With all the wealth in the world, there’s no reason people should be starving, and especially in a wealthy country like the U.S., there’s zero reason that anybody should go hungry. And yet, even here, even in the one of the wealthiest of wealthy nations, people do. And they don’t get the choice that I get at the end of this week.

So far today, I’ve had 1 oz of tuna, 1 hard-boiled egg, and half a pear, for a total cost of $0.79. I haven’t had dinner yet, but dinner will probably be similar to lunch, except with a possible addition of rice. I am hungry.  And it’s just Day 2. It’s already putting it into perspective what people who can’t afford full portions go through, oftentimes their entire lives.


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