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I seem to have a persistent headache today, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s because I’m hungry or if it’s something else. I’ve been hungry like this before, but I was always able to get something filling that would stop the hunger pangs. Today, while my meals are quieting them down, they aren’t […]

One of the challenges I’ve decided to take on is the Live Below the Line challenge this week. Live Below the Line is basically subsisting on $1.50 of food per day or less, for five days. According to their website,, the amount of $1.50 was chosen because this is the globally accepted figure for […]

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Dearest Facebook friends, It never fails that, after I post up something controversial or opinionated [as seldom as that happens] folks will respond with comments. Some benign, some…well, a bit more caustic. And somebody will send me a little note asking how I could possibly be friends…

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Dear Hyundai and your advertising agency, Innocean, This is my dad. His name is Geoff. He married my mum in the eighties and had two little girls, by all accounts the loves of his life. This is the note he left when he committed suicide in his car: And this…

This is terrible; the NRA is too paranoid for words when it comes to anything sensible. They have been for a long time, and their control over our government needs to end.

Sometimes, corporations can be so clueless.